The Red Priest Edit

Rezo, mostly known as the Red Priest, was one of the Five Great Sages. According to Zelgadis Graywords, Rezo's age is already over a century old. The main objective of Rezo was to be able to see since he was blind and so, he decided to specialise himself in magic.

First of all, he learned and mastered White magic and travelled the world to cure illnesses and help people in need. However, over time, he realized that despite having the ability to treat people, he couldn’t even help himself to recover his eyesight and so, he decided to learn Shamanistic and Black Magic. However, the root of his blindness was the Dark Lord Shabranigdo, which was sealed in Rezo's eyes.

Over time, Rezo started developing negative emotions due to his failure in curing his blindness, and the part of Shabranigdo which was sealed in his soul which was already the true cause of Rezo's trouble fed itself over his feelings. This was how Rezo came to the point of resurrecting the Dark Lord, with the Philosopher's Stone, which he thought was sealed in the tower in which he was living, but which was instead concealed within himself. Eventually, he is destroyed with the incomplete version of the Giga Slave fused in the Sword Of Light by Lina Inverse.

However, we later discover, in Slayers Revolution and Slayers Evolution-R, that Rezo is not yet annihilated and that his soul is dwelling in the Hellmaster's Jar.

Trivia Edit

There has been a rumour that Rezo was both the grandfather and the great-grandfather of Zelgadis Graywords, but it has been confirmed that Rezo is only his great-grandfather and that the previous belief was due to a mistranslating error made by Software Sculptors.

(To be Continued...)