Lina Inverse is a famous witch. Gaining fame already in her young age, she wields powerful magic and has a group of strong companions. She is quite energetic and resourceful. Popular as well as feared, Lina is known as one of the most powerful and feared sorceresses in all the land. Despite her bad habits of eating too much and taking money from bad guys, she has good intentions.

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Gourry Gabriev is a skilled swordsman whose duty is to guard Lina; ever since he and Lina met, he vowed to stay by her side and always protect her. He is strong in melee combat, but not the most intelligent one of the group.

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Amelia Seyruun is a young miko (shrine maiden) and the princess of Seyruun with an unwavering, quixotic belief in justice. Amelia longs to be a "hero of justice" and quixotically pursues her quest by following Lina and fighting villains. Amelia's naive tendency to believe whatever she is told sometimes leads her to mistake friend and foe. In the novels, Amelia is the same age as Lina, but in the anime and manga franchise, Amelia is a year younger than Lina as well as shorter, though very busty.


Zelgadis Greywords is a sorcerer who begins the various incarnations of the franchise as a retainer for his ancestor Rezo, opposed to Lina, but ends up in Lina and Gourry's group. He is a chimera, containing features of rock golem, demon, and human, transformed into such form by Rezo, the red priest, in his teenage years. Zelgadis is the most enigmatic of the group of his comrades due to his quiet and asocial nature.

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