Вікі Slayers

Slayers Addition: легенда про велику Нагу (レイヤーズあでぃしょん ナーガ偉人伝) - коротка історію про Ліну та Нагу, що містить лише 25 сторінок.

Це перша лайт-новела Slayers, що була опублікована виключно у цифровому форматі. Її дарував інтернет-магазин Book Walker влітку 2012 року покупцям будь-яких 3-х новел серії Slayers. Купити новелу окремо не вдасться.


The story starts with Lina on the run as always from one of her most recent heists with a team of bandits hot on her trail. After a quick exchange of threats (formalities, you know), Lina's just about to blast them all to kingdom-come, when suddenly, a voice cries out from the treetops to stop. It's Naga! And of all things, she begins to give a speech on showing mercy on the weak, and urges the bandits to run while she holds Lina off. Shock of all shocks, the bandits aren't as concerned with getting away as they are mad at being called weaker than a little girl. They charge in, and... Well, it goes about as well as you'd expect.

Later as they get their nosh on at the local restaurant, Naga tells Lina that a scribe-for-hire had witnessed Naga helping out an elderly person and told her that she could be a great person! And for a small fee (and a 10-novel package deal!), he'd write it for her. That's why Naga felt like she had to act all "heroic." Lina feigns disbelief to get Naga to take her to this scribe as an excuse to thwart the deal. What if years down the road, someone picked up one of Naga's books and thought that her outrageous behavior was the status quo for the entire era?! 

So they spend the rest of the story chasing this guy down, and after a local warns them of the guy's reputation as a procrastinator and general waste of space, they find him crashed out at the local bar, well on his way to a hangover. Lina smells a rat at this point, and after a rough interrogation, he finally confesses that it was all a lie. He's not an author; he just wants to be! The entire bar, plus Naga, explodes in rage. Apparently he'd promised the same thing to everyone there in return for free booze...

So in the end, Lina walks out of the bar feeling mighty pleased with herself, despite the carnage taking place on the other side of the door. She looks up at the sky and thinks to herself, "You know, maybe somebody ought to write a book about me..."